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Condition Survey

Building Consultants, Inc. can provide the following Condition Survey services:

Investigation of the facility including:

  • A site visit to the site and building(s), making arrangements with the borrower or property manager for access to secure common areas
  • At the time of the site visit interview tenants, property manager, maintenance personnel and/or contractors to determine history of the project, maintenance schedules, recently provided repairs, proposed work
  • Take photographs of the project including:
    • Overall project views
    • Typical site elements such as parking lots, tot lots, exposed utility elements, drainage issues if any
    • Major building elevations
    • Views of the roof(s) with details of significant features
    • Detail pictures of major building exterior elements such as entrances, windows, utility entrances
    • Overall views of major interior areas
    • Typical pictures of plumbing fixtures, appliances, equipment
    • Typical pictures of HVAC equipment, elements
    • Typical pictures of electrical service panels, switchgear, emergency safety equipment
    • Pictures of deficiencies noted in the body of the report
    • Major atypical elements if any
  • Evaluate the property for significant deficiencies in the major systems
    • Site (drainage, paved areas, utilities, amenities)
    • Architectural (structural, building envelope, base building interior finishes)
    • Interior (layout, finishes, equipment, specialties, furnishings)
    • Mechanical (elevators, plumbing, HVAC, fire suppression sprinkler) and electrical (service, power, lighting, security, emergency)

Provide an initial verbal report to you summarizing the overall impressions of the facility within 24 hours of the site visit and provide a written report.

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