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Construction Monitoring

Different projects require varying levels of construction monitoring services, from a limited review of construction progress for simple, limited scope projects, to a more detailed evaluation of cost and time spent to date with observed construction progress. Monitoring tasks can include providing photographs, change order review, attendance at construction progress meetings and review of field engineering reports.

Building Consultants, Inc. offers the following Construction Monitoring Services:

  • Review of Application for Payment or Draw Schedule in conjunction with construction schedule, up to 10 change orders, plans and specifications, geotechnical engineering field reports, concrete test reports and any other back-up documentation required to substantiate the payment request.
  • Site visit to the project within five business days of receipt of Application for Payment; project photo documentation adequate to convey construction progress (no fewer than six photographs).
  • Telephone report to the lender representative within 24 hours after site visit providing recommendation for payment and brief construction status description. If additional documentation is required, the bank representative will be informed within 24 hours of site visit status of review.
  • A written field report giving:
    • a brief description of the status of the construction
    • recommendation concerning the disbursement of funds
    • brief description of documents reviewed since the last site visit (or Preconstruction Review) including geotechnical engineering reports, change orders, concrete test report, etc.
    • color photographs with computer generated photograph labels indicating project name, date of site visit and brief description of view
  • Additional services can be provided as requested including but not limited to: attendance at regularly scheduled construction progress meetings, preparation of construction progress meeting minutes, final walk-through, and preparation of punch lists.

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