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Construction Management

  • Requisition/Construction Progress Meetings - Attendance at and participation in Requisition/Construction Progress Meetings which will be held once per month.  Attendance at the interim Construction Progress Meetings will be as required.  Minutes of the meetings will be generated by the contractor.  BCI will be provided copies of all the minutes.  If there is anything that we believe should be documented, we will bring it up at the meeting so that it can be incorporated in the minutes or we will request of the contractor that it be added to the minutes.  Our focus at the meetings will be to represent the owner’s interests.  We will be provided at least a three week notice of the date of the Requisition/Construction Progress Meetings.
  • Applications for PaymentBased on our site observations, we will review Applications for Payment at every Requisition Meeting for compliance with the contractor’s agreement (release of retainage, payment for stored materials), compliance with the lender’s requirements, appropriateness, math and compliance with the work in place and/or stored materials.  BCI will be acting as architect-of-record certifying the applications.  Applications for payment will be in the standard AIA format.
  • Change order review – Review for acceptability, appropriateness of costs and time, how overall budget and schedule are affected and compliance with contracted level of quality of the overall project. We will only recommend release of funds for fully executed change orders. BCI will be acting as architect-of-record executing acceptable change orders.
  • Schedule – Keep the owner and lender informed of unit turn-overs, compliance with the contractor’s, owner's and lender’s schedule, timing issues related to work force, weather, permitting, regulatory agency approvals, etc.
  • Field design decisions- Develop solutions for field issues.  Work with the owner, lender, contractor and design architect, if available, in developing the most cost effective solutions for the tenant base and/or the owner’s continuing maintenance needs.
  • Punch list - BCI will perform the initial walk-throughs of the units at the time of the construction progress meetings.  BCI will punch out units to confirm compliance with the standard and sign off on units to be turned over at the time of the site visit.  BCI will work with the subcontractor collecting all of the required project close-out documentation for the owner.
  • Submittal review – BCI will review all submittals which are not in compliance with the original specifications and accept only those which are of equal or better quality.
  • Additional documents review – BCI will review any additional documents which might be generated during the course of the construction phase of the project including but not necessarily limited to: test reports, construction progress meeting minutes, and updated construction progress schedules.
  • A base monthly fee will be established - A monthly hourly allotment will be billed at the standard BCI hourly rate with any hours over the monthly allotment billed at a discount.

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